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Fujitsu Unveils New Small Form Factor Workstations

80 years of innovations, 25 years of workstation expertise launches two new family members – CELSIUS W550 and CELSIUS J550

Fujitsu adds two new small form factor workstation models – CELSIUS W and CELSIUS J – to the workstation line-up. Fujitsu is addressing customer demands for smaller, yet more powerful workstations and a minimum lifecycle of 36 months, while at the same time achieving maximum performance scores and low noise emissions.

The extended Fujitsu CELSIUS workstations portfolio provides a wide range of essential tools for any computing role that requires the highest levels of performance – whether designing cars, constructing buildings, analyzing or responding to complex data, or financial modeling.

Designed, engineered and produced in Germany, the new FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS W and CELSIUS J models are specifically designed for demanding tasks and applications such as video editing, mechanical and electrical computer aided design (CAD), architecture, engineering and construction (AEC), and finance. They also meet specific needs of the healthcare industry due to low noise emissions and extended product lifecycles. Fujitsu’s end-to-end capabilities are founded on 80 years of innovations and 25 years of workstation expertise.

Fujitsu’s customizing program – made4you – is a hallmark of all CELSIUS models as customers can choose from the widest range of options to meet their exact requirements. Fujitsu offers customizing services for hardware- and software-related alterations, add-on services to improve processes, and an extended lifetime for products to ensure continuous quality control in rollouts.

Featuring the latest Intel Xeon E3-1200 v5 family processors, a broad choice of professional graphics cards and storage devices, including super-fast PCIe SSDs to provide a quick loading of core applications and reliable high-endurance and business critical drives designed for long-term operation, the new CELSIUS J550 small form factor and CELSIUS W550 desktop workstation power through jobs that bring even high-end desktop PCs grinding to a halt.

Vera Schneevoigt, Senior Vice President, Product Supply Operations at Fujitsu says: “FUJITSU CELSIUS workstations stand out in the market in terms of performance, noise emissions and customization. Thanks to the combination of Fujitsu’s unique made4you customization capabilities supporting individual customer requirements and our own design, engineering and manufacturing facilities in Augsburg, Germany, which includes in-house developed BIOS and motherboards.”

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